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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ann Bressington & Lord Christopher Monckton ”Exposes agenda 21” – Debunked

Ann Bressington & Lord Christopher Monckton ”Exposes agenda 21” – Debunked!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but no-one is entitled to their own facts.

In this post I will show you how and why this particular conspiracy theory is fueled and funded by and for private and conservative interest and how it is used to achieve required results.
Propaganda serves to rally people to action, take up arms and fight, vote for someone or something, make a change socially or politically – propaganda is a relevant and effective tools used everyday by government and private industry.

Ann Marie Bressington (born 12 September 1955) is an Australian politician. She was elected to the South Australian Legislative Council at the 2006 South Australian election as Nick Xenophon's running mate on his independent No Pokies ticket. Her election was a surprise as it was not expected that two people on the ticket would be elected.

Ann’s Policies and political motivations have proven to be bias and attention grabbing to say the least…
In early 2006 she introduced legislation to State Parliament that would make the sale of "drug taking equipment" illegal,
she announced that she would propose a bill to Parliament which, if passed, would enforce random twice-annual drug test of every South Australian school student from year 8 to year 12 and attempted introducing a Bill in South Australia to raise the legal drinking age from 18 to 21, However her most recognized work was an attempt at “exposing” Agenda 21 as a communist method of human enslavment.

She has dedicating considerable time and energy to promoting fringe conspiracy theories, anti-scientific thinking and circumstantial nonsense.
She gave a rambling speech about the Club of Rome and Agenda 21, about shadowy figures creating crises such as global warming to condition us and enslave us. If that sounds garbled, then it's an accurate reflection of the entire speech.
She has also been known to have been posting about communism by stealth on her facebook profile and dragging other bits of flotsam and jetsam out of the murky depths of the internet.


Agenda 21 is a 300-page document divided into 40 chapters that have been grouped into 4 sections:

Section I: Social and Economic Dimensions

Section II: Conservation and Management of Resources for Development

Section III: Strengthening the Role of Major Groups

Section IV: Means of Implementation

Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992, where 178 governments voted to adopt the program. The final text was the result of drafting, consultation and negotiation, beginning in 1989 and culminating at the two-week conference.

The actual effects of Agenda 21 in the US and AUS over the last 22 years seem to have been almost zero. Searching for mentions of it on the internet almost entirely results in mentions from conspiracy and conservative organizations.

Yes, there are programs that have goals that are similar to goals outlines in agenda 21, but those are programs that would exist anyway. Things like preventing pollution, suppling clean drinking water, and education in 3rd world countries.

I can't prove that Agenda 21 is not a communist conspiracy, because it very hard to prove the absence of anything. I can't prove that public libraries are not a communist conspiracy, however I can quite reasonably point out in both cases that there's no respectable evidence to support this theory.

While the majority of governments were in favour of implementing these writings, agenda 21 is a group of soft treaties implemented by the UN in the early 90s which have no legal binding or mandatory enforcements, in fact, I can't see where these treaties are in full effect anywhere at all. Implementation by member states remains essentially voluntary and its adoption has varied.

however, Some national and state governments have legislated or advised that local authorities take steps to implement the plan locally, as recommended in Chapter 28 of the document. These programs are often known as "Local Agenda 21" or "LA21". For example, in the Philippines, the plan is "Philippines Agenda 21" (PA21). The group, ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability, formed in 1990; today its members come from 1,200 cities, towns, and counties in 70 countries and is widely regarded as a paragon of Agenda 21 implementation.

In other countries, opposition to Agenda 21's ideas has surfaced to varied extents. In some cases, opposition has been legislated into several States limiting or forbidding the participation and/or funding of local government activities that support Agenda 21.

Perhaps one of the most outrageous claim made is that everyone is loosing their homes as a result of ag21 through not paying rates and lad aquisition...

The land aquisition act came Into effect (still current) 23 years before agenda 21 was even existing... Your problem is with the law of the commonwealth... Not agenda 21

Purposes for which land may be taken
(1) Land may be taken under and subject to this Act—
(a) where the constructing authority is the Crown, for any purpose set out in schedule 1; or
(b) where the constructing authority is a local government—
(i) for any purpose set out in schedule 1 which the local government may lawfully carry out; or
(ii) for any purpose, including any function of local government, which the local government is authorised or required by a provision of an Act other than this Act to carry out; or
(c) in the case of a constructing authority other than the Crown or a local government—
(i) for any purpose set out in schedule 1 which that constructing authority may lawfully carry out; or
(ii) for any purpose which that constructing authority is authorised or required, by a provision of an Act other than this Act, to carry out.
(2) The power to take, under and subject to this Act, land for a purpose (the primary purpose) includes power to take from time to time as required land either for the primary purpose or for any purpose incidental to the carrying out of the primary purpose.
(3) The Governor in Council, pursuant to any powers under the Land Act 1994 to resume land, at the request of a constructing authority other than the Crown, may take on its behalf any land comprised in a lease or any easement on a lease within the meaning of that Act required by such constructing
Acquisition of Land Act 1967 Part 2 Taking of land
[s 5]”

Anne's most recognised work on speaking out against agenda 21 was a video on YouTube where she makes many assumptions and claims a secretive link between "agenda 21" and "the club of Romes - the limits to growth"… Which is nothing short of conspiracy without fact!

We have seen forecasts of future resource scarcity before, but in reality technology and the market have shown such forecasts to have been ridiculous. Didn’t the Club of Rome predict that the oil would run out many years ago?

"The limits to growth" was nothing more than a thesis which had many disproving its mathematics through peer reviews.
With this is mind, the statement within the Q&A session that the Club of Rome had predicted the world would soon run out of oil and other resources appeared to be taken as a fact by all those highly educated and very “skeptical” people. Except, of course, it isn’t a fact—it is pure fiction.

The report for the Club of Rome, called The Limits to Growth, was written by a team of researchers at MIT who attempted to model the interaction between earth systems and human systems. The second chapter of the book is entitled “The Limits of Exponential Growth”, and this chapter has seeded one of the most tenacious and insidious urban myths.

The core thesis presented is that consumption is growing exponentially, but supply is not. Accordingly, given a finite resource base, demand will bump up against a limit. A finite resource base does not mean a fixed resource base: it just means one that is not infinite.

The Limits to Growth team included a “what if” table to illustrate the thesis.

Lord Christopher Monckton – a poster child of the climate science denialist movement – had agreed to launch a new Australian political party fronted by an anti-Islamist Creationist preacher.

The party in question is called Rise Up Australia and its messianic front man, Pastor Danny Nalliah, believes that only God can control the climate and that Victoria’s 2007 Black Saturday bushfires, which killed more than 170 people, were God’s punishment for Victoria’s laws allowing abortion.

Well, Lord Monckton’s deed has been done and duly covered on the ABC’s flagship news program 7.30 Report.

Pastor Nalliah actually launched the party in May 2011 (and again a couple of months later) and registered the party with the Australian Electoral Commission. But the launch made for good telly.

As an aide-mémoire, Lord Monckton’s 2011 tour of Australia was in trouble before it started, when just weeks before he had described the views of Australian government climate policy advisor Professor Ross Garnaut as “fascist”.

It was also the tour at which he gave a lecture in Perth at the invitation of Gina Rinehart and then addressed a pro-mining think-tank, also in Perth, where he suggested the “super rich” should be encouraged to buy into the media as a way to get more publicity for climate sceptics like Andrew Bolt.

it’s worth pointing out that Lord Monckton has been recently touring the US, sponsored by Tea Party groups.

One of Lord Monckton’s tour sponsors is South Australian state MLC Ann Bressington, who gave a keynote speech in Adelaide at the launch of the Lord Monckton Foundation where she told the audience about some secretive, insidious United Nations plot to encourage sustainable development. In conspiratorial dark tones, she told the audience: “The words Agenda 21, ladies and gentleman, were never meant to be spoken.”

So keen in fact was the United Nations to avoid the words “Agenda 21″ from ever being spoken, they hid them away on the cover of the 1992 document of the same name which is still hidden on a publicly-available United Nations web page.

The event where Bressington appeared was filmed by an organisation called Bushvision, which is led by Leon Ashby, a co-founder of the Climate Sceptics political party. A glance at Bushvision’s other contributions on YouTube reveals a slew of videos promoting climate science denial, anti-fluoridation and lots and lots of footage of evangelical Christian “healers” curing people just by touch (spinal injuries, crippled knees, pancreatic cysts, gluten intolerance, diseased gall bladder, partial blindness, terminal cancer – all healed).

Monckton was also Scotland Leader of the right-wing nationalist party United Kingdom Independence Party.
Monckton's 2011 speaking tour of Australia was part-funded by the Australian Association of Mining and Exploration Companies and supported by coal mining billionaire and AGW denier Gina Rinehart.

Christopher Monckton, who worked for the British government between 1982-1986, has previously claimed to be a "chief policy advisor" to former British PM Margaret Thatcher, and is frequently introduces himself as her "chief science advisor" when interviewed by the conservative media.

In the last several years, Agenda 21 has emerged as something of a communist plot for the right wing movement, who claim the nonbinding document that was approved 20 years ago at the UN’s Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro is not really about preserving the planet at all. Between the lines, they argue, lies a blueprint for the “New World Order.”

It seems to me the right wing government are playing the card that Agenda 21 is a plan for human enslavement, however I'm yet to see any evidence to back this outrageous theory.
The only people this will effect is a bad way are money hungry billionaire mining magnates like Clive palmer and Gina Rinehart, who fantasises about slave labour and says Australians are lazy.

Gina Rhinehart and Clive Palmer have made their outrage about the carbon tax very public.
Clive Palmer threatens to take the Gillard government to court over its carbon tax legislation, claiming foreign-owned companies such as BHP Billiton and Glenmore are unfairly receiving more compensation than his Queensland Nickel.
Obviously their motives are for self interest and profit at the expense of the environment.

Gina Rhinehart's late father, mining magnate 'Lang' Hancock described, the openness with which sterilization is proposed as a solution to the Aboriginal problem -- especially the half-castes who are not considered legitimate Aboriginals.
He claims that "fencing them up and poisoning their water supply" would be a great way to breed them out of society, through sterilization.

There is much corporate gain by eliminating carbon tax and environmentally friendly alternatives... Hence the right wing ag21 propaganda.
Knowing when you are being subjected to right wing propaganda may not always be apparent. A knowledge of the techniques utilized by the right wing will make identifying their vile hidden messages easy to detect. Also, one must take into consideration that the right wing controls the very large majority of media, which ultimately reigns BIAS in their favor.

The Carbon tax charges a fee on fossil fuels based on how much carbon they emit when burned (more on that later). So in order to reduce the fees, utilities, business and individuals attempt to use less energy derived from fossil fuels.
Carbon tax also encourages alternative energy by making it cost-competitive with cheaper fuels. A tax on a plentiful and inexpensive fuel like coal raises its per British Thermal Unit (Btu) price to one comparable with cleaner forms of power.
With that said. I'm all for a corporate carbon tax or a "mining tax" (which more or less is just that)

A price on carbon will lower GHG emissions and spur innovation in low-GHG technology, and, therefore, a carbon tax will make many other, less-efficient energy and environmental regulations unnecessary.
This is what many believe will get the ball rolling for clean energy like solar, wind, geothermal, etc.

The right wings idea of the standard of living in the country is based purely on the economy rather than the standard of living. Poverty is not a concern for them at all.
The more right wing the government, you get privitization of everything, like schools, hopitals, prisons, roads, militaries, postal services, etc
There is no healthcare, Medicare, welfare, minimum wage, foreign aid, corporate health and safety standards, environmental regulations, corporate liability, etc.

The growth of global inequality coincides with the rise of giant transnational corporations. Of the 100 largest economies in the world, 52 are corporations and 48 are countries. The largest of these corporations, Exxon-Mobil, increased its revenue in 2011 by 28 percent to US$453 billion (more than the GDP of South Africa). Seventy percent of world trade is controlled by just 500 of the largest industrial corporations.

(This photo is courtesy of

It's also worth knowing that 2 more of the more recognised agenda 21 conspiracy theorists are also right wing nut jobs, Alex Jones and Glen Beck...

:Glen becks chalk board theory:

:American "shock jock" Alex Jones joined Times columnist David Aaronovitch to discuss The annual conference of the secretive Bilderberg Group and ended up disrupting the show in spectacular fashion.
Presenter Andrew Neil described him as "the worst person" that he had ever interviewed. Alex absolutely embarrasses himself:

Real eyes, realize, real lies!

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